Everything Happens For a Reason

If you haven’t yet noticed–I am a bit obsessed with quotes. Most of my Instagram captions and blog posts are chalked full of them! (Pinterest is a serious addiction as well) And luckily, we will never run out! As long as people are talking, we will have things to quote. Simple as that.

Whether it’s from a children’s book that we all know and love, or a catchy song that we play on repeat, there are words all around us that we can live by. In my opinion, it’s a perfect way to bring people together.

Life is confusing enough on it’s own, it’s nice to have something to bring us together. Even if just for a moment.

Since we’re on the topic of LIFE, let’s get a little deep, shall we? I’m no professor, and I sure as heck don’t understand the scientific side of things, but one thing I DO believe in is d-e-s-t-i-n-y. (and not just because it’s my name)

I truly believe that everything in fact, does happen for a reason–and there are no such things as accidents! You may or may not agree with me, to each their own of course. But why not!?

Why not believe in something greater!?

Something far too complex for our minds to imagine.

In a world so full of confusion and stress, I personally adore the idea of something out there with a plan for me. A life full of ups and downs, yet each one is set out to connect with the next. It seems almost settling in a way. No matter what happens, it will all work out. It always has, it always will.

So just remember, when you feel like all you’ve been thrown are curve-balls, and the world seems to be against you, just keep moving forward. The things you’re worried about now probably won’t matter 5 years from now…

Bumps in the road were put there so that we appreciate the calm and enjoyable journey ahead.

How about we all just learn to enjoy the ride…have a little faith…and keep sharing quotes while we’re at it! Sounds fantastic if you ask me.


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