What Goes Around, Comes Around

“What goes around, comes around.”

A very common saying that I’m sure you’ve heard a time or two…and that’s because it’s TRUE! Whether we are discussing karma itself, or the hit Justin Timberlake song from 2009, the general idea remains the same.

It’s like the story in Galatians 6:7. “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.” If all you do is put out negativity, that’s all you will bring in. But on the flip side, if you live a positive and uplifting lifestyle, that’s what you will get in return!  A very simple strategy if you ask me.

I want to share with you, a little experience that happened to me at a Starbucks (of all places).

Let me set the scene for you:

-It was a dreary and rainy morning.

-The line was 10 cars deep.

Sappy country music playing on the radio.

(Do you SEE it!? Are you THERE with me!? Okay good. Moving on.)

While sitting there waiting to order my vanilla chai latte, I could see all the cars lined up behind me. Since I’m kind of an “over-analyzer”, I’m very curious about the back story of each person. Coming up with ludicrous ideas in my head, and wondering if they’re thinking the same thing.

I see this gorgeous young blonde girl directly behind me. Maybe she’s on her way to school, or to work. Perhaps she was running late this morning and decided that she needed a quick pick-me-up? WHO KNOWS! In thinking this, I decided that I was going to do a good deed. When it was my turn to pay, I asked the barista what her total was, and if I could go ahead and pay for it? He looked a little shocked but agreed.

I know it wasn’t a grand gesture, but I was so happy to be able to brighten someone else’s day with such a simple task! I pulled forward, and I could see in my mirror the genuine look of shock on her face when he told her. So what did she do!? She gave her card and paid for the vehicle behind HER!!

I couldn’t believe it! Maybe there really is some good left in this world! On a random day, in the middle of a boring week, this made me feel so proud that people could do kind things for one another. Who knows how many cars proceeded down the line doing the same thing!? It could’ve stopped at her, but it also could’ve kept going… That just truly brings so much joy to me.

We don’t always know how someone is doing, or what they’re going through. But that should never stop us from sharing the goodness of God’s love with them!

I challenge YOU to do something good for someone else. Each day, take a second out of your own time to help another person. Whether it be buying their lunch, or just smiling to the elderly man at the grocery store.

Small acts of kindness & happiness go hand in hand; and they never go unnoticed. I promise you will feel so good knowing you put a smile on someone else’s face. Even if just for a minute. Try it! Trust me.



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