You’re NOT Alone (Mental Health Awareness Month)

It’s May. M-A-Y. Can you believe it!? I think I blinked twice, and yet here we are, almost half-way through the year… (help. is this what getting old feels like?)

As yet another month flies by, another “Month of Awareness” comes along. This time, we’re talking MENTAL HEALTH. A topic that I personally feel very very strongly about, and am very upset at just how taboo our society seems to be with it.


We tend to dance around the subject, and avoid talking about it, even when it matters most. But if you know me, I am not one to do such a thing… So here I am, starting up the conversation. It may be uncomfortable, but honestly, what isn’t anymore? Suck it up, buttercup. This is our life we’re discussing. Hear me out.


DISCLAIMER: I am not going to delve into the logistics of mental health, and all of the serious details, as I am in no way certified for all that jazz. But what I WILL do, is shed some light on the subject, and try as hard as I can to make you feel like you’re not alone. Because no matter how empty and isolating it may seem, you’re not by yourself. I promise.


Our health is SO important. I don’t have to tell you that, we all know. But sometimes it helps to have a friendly reminder every now and again. (Like when people say, Taylor, isn’t that your 3rd time eating Chick Fil A this week…and I pretend I can’t hear them over my chewing…) But hey, that’s what friends are for. Helpful reminders in life, keeping each other accountable.

Not only is our physical health such a serious aspect to take care of, but our mind is just as important! (if not, more) Just think, without it, we’d be nothing. Our minds are the central source of our life. **You know, kinda like how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.** It needs to be fed, nurtured, loved, and rested. Just like our bodies.


I feel like as humans, we tend to get really caught up in our day to day schedules that perhaps we forget about the things that truly matter the very most. I know I’m guilty. So don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us.

Sort of like when your “check engine” light comes on your dash, and you just keep adding it to the ever-growing to do list, but it somehow keeps finding its way to the bottom. Sometimes even below “dusting the ceiling fans”, and “scheduling that root canal”… We tend to have a messed up sense of priority at times, yet that does not make it any less critical!


Ignoring our problems in hopes that maybe they’ll fizzle themselves out, and disappear is something I’m super bad about–but look, admitting you have a problem is the very first step in solving it. Recognition goes so far. Don’t overlook it.


In the end, your biggest commitment must always be to YOURSELF. Before anyone or anything else…YOU matter. You have to. One of my favorite metaphors is that “you can not pour from an empty glass”. Wanting to help others, and give your all is such an admirable quality, but if you have nothing inside of you left to give, what good can you really be to them? Being selfless is such a fine line that requires a lot of balance. And it is KEY. (hmm..if only we had a tool for that..)


So this is for you. For the one who feels like they’re not enough. Who feels like giving up. The one that just can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel… We’re here for you. I’m here for you. And not in that cliche support group kinda way. I mean the genuine, sincere, truly deeply caring about you kinda way.


We were not meant to go this life alone. Oh what a sad and miserable journey that would be. So please, when you’re feeling out of sorts, or stress is just weighing you down…reach out. To me, to a friend, a family member, a professional, your hairdresser, or even the FBI agent in your laptop webcam. (kidding kidding) But it’s true. Feeling heard and understood can be so helpful.


Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. Seeking help does NOT make you weak. I just want to shout that from the mountaintops! Never ever in 157 years will asking for help make you any less than. We need it. So so many of us do. It is nothing to feel ashamed about. If anything, it is so incredibly brave.


Whether you’ve taken that step, you’ve overcome a major hurdle, or you’re just getting started–I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I mean it. Keep up the good work, and keep moving forward. I believe so much in you, and your story. It’s all yours, and I know you’re going to do great things. However that may look to you. You can do it. It’s possible.

I will leave you with these wise the words from Brene Brown (highly recommend her talk on Netflix btw): “WHAT WE DON’T NEED IN THE MIDST OF STRUGGLE IS SHAME FOR BEING H-U-M-A-N.” And I could not possibly agree more…

Until next time.

Stay positive, and keep your chin up, darling. You’ve got this.


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