Growing up, most families have a few choice words that their kids are not allowed to say…in our house, it was the word CAN’T. Starting from a very early age, my parents instilled hard-work and determination in their 4 little bull-headed procreations. When difficult situations arose, we were consistently taught to improvise, adapt & overcome. (any other military brats out there that can relate?)


Now, my mom & dad NEVER told us these things to be harsh, or rude, or negative. Honestly, it was just the opposite. We were raised to have high standards, and to truly never give up! Life lessons that they both inherited from their parents—it was only right to share them with us as well.


When I say that we “weren’t allowed” to say the word CAN’T–I do not mean that we were put in time out or grounded for a week if we uttered the curse. I mean it in the sense that if we wanted to throw our hands in the air and say I GIVE UP! I CAN’T DO THIS! That’s when the good ole saying came to play… “Can’t can’t do crap.” (catchy right?) Instead, we were encouraged to say “I NEED HELP”. Basicalllyyyy it was their way of stopping us from running from our problems, and making us try again. Immediately assuming that you CAN NOT do something, means you’ll never be able to do anything. Dad always likes to tell us: “ADD COMMA YET”. When you wantttt to say how you just can’t do something, add “, yet”. With dedication, perseverance, and an assload of hard work, you’re damn near unstoppable! (facts are facts)


Trying new things and venturing out of our little bubbles has always been a priority for us, and it is definitely something I credit them for every day. We all know I’m still quite a shy and reserved person (for the most part). But man oh man. If you had known me even in high school, I have stepped out of my comfort zone SO MUCH, and I’ll never go back! It’s so freeing to know that even when things get uncomfortable, as long as you’ve TRIED, you’ve already done more than the majority of people these days.


So next time you think about tossing in the towel and deciding that you aren’t good enough–remember to STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT COULD GO WRONG, AND START THINKING OF ALL THE WAYS IT COULD GO RIGHT. You CAN do it. You just have to make the decision to try.


Until next time.

Stay positive, darling.



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