Communication is KEY

Let’s cut right to the chase–without communication you have no trust. It’s truly as simple as that. When building a foundation with those you care about, talking is so so important. And I don’t just mean about the good things life has to offer or basic-ass small talk. I mean EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly.


Part of learning and growing with one another is figuring out just HOW to communicate with them. I’m sure you’ve heard about love languages, and this is sort of in line with that. We each have our own ways of expressing ourselves and our own ways of dealing with things. That always needs to be taken into consideration! No one way of handling a situation is either right or wrong. It’s all a balance.


Maybe something happened and you didn’t even think twice about it, but that very same thing is keeping them up at night. That right there is a perfect opportunity to talk it out! Instead of finding yourself frustrated at each other, fighting or giving the silent treatment, try opening up your mind and hearing them out. Everyone has the right to their own mindset, no matter how different.


I also believe that it takes time. The longer you know someone, the easier things will start to get. Realizing what sets them off, what solutions help ease their minds, which way to go about every scenario that comes your way. Dealing with things best for both of you, because in the end, your happiness is equally important. You’re meant to support and help whenever you possibly can. Which is a skill all on it’s own. Just don’t give up.


As I am sure you are quite aware of, I have no problem speaking my mind. I’m usually the one in need of a little more filtering if anything. But hey, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. One thing I’m very passionate about is being upfront and honest AT ALL TIMES. No matter how big or small the situation may be, expressing how you feel is so valuable. If something makes you happy, say it! If it makes you scared or uncomfortable, say it! No emotion is wrong–and when we choose to beat around the bush instead of confronting it, it only makes things worse in the long run.


Now, please do not read this and take it as me blowing everything out of proportion and making mountains out of molehills. I am simply trying to make things a little simpler for you. The weight you’ll feel off of your chest just by being yourself and not being afraid of judgement, changes everything. There’s nothing more annoying than feeling like you have to hide things and not be your complete and total self. After all, the worst distance between two people is misunderstanding. Once you stop sitting around assuming everyone can read your mind and know exactly how you’re feeling, everything gets easier. (And P.S. saying “I’m fine” to avoid conflict is NOT it, my friend. Try again.)


Until next time,

Stay open & honest, darling!


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