Learning to be BRAVE

It’s been a while since I started a post with a quote, so let’s set the stage with this: “Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.” That shit hits pretty hard doesn’t it? Because deep down you already know that, but let’s be honest, it’s so much easier said than done.


Life is VERY good at throwing us curve-balls and always finding a new way to “spice things up”. But we do not have to be afraid of it all. Each day offers new opportunity around every corner. Are you going to sit back and watch it all pass you by? Or are you going to jump in head first and go for it!? That’s the decision we get to make. Day by day. Moment by moment. The choice is ours.


Trust me, being afraid is my specialty. Dude, I am one of the world’s best over-thinkers there is! If you need someone to stress about a nonsense situation for literally no reason at all, I’m your girl! But in the end, that’s so annoying… It holds me back. It makes me scared. It robs me from the joy of being IN the moment. (I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!)


When you think about it…the bravest people you know are not people that have NO fears–they’re people who are afraid, and still go for it. THAT is what true bravery is. Not letting the unknown limit you and hold you back. Because truthfully, the scenarios we make in our heads are almost alwayssss far worse than reality. My dad likes to say something along the lines of, “As humans, we tend to worry with the fear of POSSIBILITY not PROBABILITY.” Which makes so much sense! Instead of considering what WOULD probably happen, we consider what COULD possibly happen.


The anxiety and pressure that we place upon ourselves is brutal. Making the anticipation far far bigger of a deal than it ever needs to be! Guys. We’ve got to stop that. We need to team up with one another and help each other out. Encouraging and motivating. Stepping out of our comfort zones even when it seems impossible to do so. Making a point to try things EVEN WHEN WE’RE SCARED. Because that’s when we get stronger. That’s when we experience our true selves and gain the confidence that we never knew we had in us. That’s what’s truly important.


Until next time,

Stay brave, darling!


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