All the Feels

Alright, everyone. The time has come… The dreaded moment is here… I’ve been pushing this topic further and further down my list of posts to write, but I think it’s finally time we talk about our FEELINGS. (ew, I know, just bear with me)


If you have had the pleasure of knowing me for any length of time whatsoever, I’m sure you’ve become aware of my distaste for regularly showing emotions. Heartless? Nah. Let’s call it “reserved”. It’s just who I am. I’m farrr more introverted than the rest of my siblings (and mother) and voluntarily talking about how I feel does not come naturally at all! Can anyone else relate? Anyone?


Luckily I’ve always had people like my dad, who thinks very similarly to myself, and helps me work through a lot of things. We’re much more “logically” driven, rather than “sympathy” driven. And hey, I’ve come to terms with the fact that there is NOTHING wrong with that. Just like there is NOTHING wrong with being the other way around. Don’t ever forget it.


Lately, I have been really trying to focus more on my overall happiness and that’s when it hit me. Being happy ALL THE TIME is not reality. Every single person has bad days. Every single one of us has moments of anger, or despair, or weakness. We are human, that’s how we were made. Emotions were created for a reason, to make us FEEL things, and to ground us. Without them, could you imagine the constant state of chaos that we’d be living in?


For example, think about those motivational posters or graphic tees that say “NO BAD DAYS” “GOOD VIBES ONLY” blah blah blah… I’m personally a very positive person–glass half full kind of outlook–so I fully understand what they’re trying to do. But at the same time, maybe we should try to focus our energy elsewhere. 157% sunshine and rainbows just isn’t real life, and I think more people need to hear that it’s OKAY! You’re not a bad person for having bad times. Period.


What I’m trying to say is that each of our emotions are valid and we (myself especially) should allow ourselves to feel it fully, and accept it. When you feel upset, get angry! Scream, yell, punch a wall if you have to. When you’re happy, be ecstatic! Jump and shout and spread your joy. Basically, I’m asking you to stop cutting corners on yourself… Emotions are a big part of life, and we should be grateful even for the rough edges we’ve all got. No shame in the game. After all, we heal & grow by releasing..not by suppressing.

Until next time,

Stay in your feels, darling. It’s normal!


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