Playing the Waiting Game

I’m the kind of person who buys a new outfit just for the hell of it, and then holds said-outfit in my closet until I find a justified reason to wear it. Allowing NO ONE else to put it on until I have had the first opportunity to show it off. Lame? Yes. Do I still do it? Also yes. But when I genuinely take a moment to think about it, what is the point? Why are we always WAITING… What for?


It seems we’re always putting things off. “I’ll work out tomorrow.. Diet starts on Monday.. See the family at Christmas.. Hang out with friends next weekend..” Come on, guys… Who are we really trying to fool here? We see right through the excuses. (because we ALL make them) 

Here’s a thought: DON’T SAVE THINGS FOR A “SPECIAL OCCASION”. BEING ALIVE IS THE SPECIAL OCCASION! Each and every day is a gift that we tend to take for granted–always wishing for tomorrow instead of living for today. It’s almost a little heartbreaking when you think on it. Simply breathing air and being above ground should be enough to get you excited. 


So join me, let’s start living for the NOW and not wishing for ONE DAY. Grab your water, head to the gym! Try and make a healthy choice at each meal! Call someone you care about and check in on them! No more putting it off. Reality is, we can’t wait for life to be perfect, or circumstances to be ideal before we decide to start enjoying our life! Quit wasting your time and energy thinking about tomorrow like it’s promised. Because today is all we really have.


Until next time,

Stay in the moment, darling!


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