Failure is NOT Fatal

FAILURE. What an intimidating word. The sheer idea of failing haunts me… Makes me afraid of so many things. Holds me back from new experiences, and possible success. It robs us of our joy and feels like that bully who laughs at other people’s mistakes just to feel bigger and better about their ego. But in all honesty, is the true concept of FAILURE really half as bad as the picture we paint in our minds?


In my opinion, most of the time, there is no true “failure”–we either win or we learn. Applying that simple formula to so many avenues of life, checks out. When we think we’ve let someone down, or not succeeded in our endeavor, we still walk away with some sort of lesson. Whether we accomplished our goal, or we discovered a new way to do things, it was helpful nonetheless.


The only time we sincerely FAIL is when we quit trying altogether. Think of the Wright Brothers for example. When their first 2 flights didn’t take off as expected, they didn’t throw in the towel and give up. They didn’t call up their friends and say, “Well. That was a FAIL. Guess we suck. The end.” Hellllll noooo. Luckily for us, they kept working and learning and trying, and eventually made it happen! For as far back in time as humans go, we have made mistakes and had our fair share of trials and errors. But not once have we given up and accepted it as our fate.


FAILURE is not FATAL. It’s a process. And as you continue to pursue your dreams and push past the hard times, just remember how good your testimony will be at the end. Think of failing as nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy. Just please don’t give up, dude. You’ll be so proud you didn’t.


Until next time, 

Stay determined, darling!


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