But First…COFFEE



As I’m sure you’ve come to learn (via 97% of my social media posts) I take my coffee addiction pretty seriously… That heavenly glorified bean water just does something to me, man. Makes me shaky and anxiety ridden, but also extremely happy and counting down the minutes to my next cup—so quite honestly, I choose to look past the negatives. 


There’s never been a time in my life that I didn’t know both of my parents to drink coffee. They always had a pot brewing throughout the day and sometimes even gave us a cup (with extra vanilla creamer of course). So if anyone is to blame *ahem I mean THANK* it’s them.


Aside from my surface level photos and constant cafe themed conversations, I really want to make this even more fun! I’m going to start making a point to visit even more small/locally owned coffee shops and share them with you! (don’t worry, I will never stray from my one true love “The Ground A Bout”) ! I just think it will be so exciting to go around and experience new atmospheres, aesthetics, and flavors of course. Trying out the best of the best and then some! 


But I’m gonna need your help… Before I can officially begin my little excursion of sorts, I’m trying to compile a list (because yes, I’m a type A personality and need lists to function). I need to decide where to go, and more importantly, what to drink! You know me and my go-to “salted caramel lattes”, but I’m always ready to try new things. So don’t be stingy… I know I’m not the only coffee drinker around, it’s your time to shine, baby! Just real quick, shoot me a message or comment with two things: 1.) THE NAME OF A COFFEE SHOP (I’m willing to travel!) and  2.) YOUR FAVORITE DRINK ORDER (I’m not picky!) 


I can’t wait to bring you with me, finding new little corners of happiness and sparking all the creative ideas along the way. 🙂 This is gonna be fun! And I’ll be here, waiting for your suggestions, so send them my wayyy! And always remember–You can’t buy happiness. But you CAN buy coffee, and that’s basically the same thing. 


Until next time, 

Stay caffeinated, darling!


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