The moon is always full–it’s just our view that is partial. Think about it. This little thing called PERSPECTIVE can change so so much for us and our lives. (Whether we realize it or not.) Sometimes we simply do not have control over our situation, but we do have a choice on how we view it. Like I’ve preached a million and one times before: Things are not either good nor bad. They are just simply things. It’s our opinions that make them choose sides.


We’ve all been there before… Hurt or confused by something that happened to us, causing anger and frustration. But when we take a moment to cool down, and view the bigger picture, how detrimental is it usually? (in my case, not so often) It’s natural for us to blow things out of proportion and get overwhelmed by minor casualties. The important part is for us to recognize when we’re overreacting and be conscious enough to stay level headed.


Life is never going to just be easy. If that’s what you were expecting, buddy, might as well hop on the next train to Crazytown because this is not the place for you. I, personally, am pretty guilty of taking minimal inconveniences and turning them into major ordeals on one occasion or the other. I am NOT proud of it, and it’s certainly something I’m working on. But almost ALWAYS in the midst of chaos is a lesson to be learned. (hence the running joke in our house: “NOW IS ALWAYS THE TIME FOR LIFE LESSONS!”) Maybe it’s just the way I was raised, but getting ourselves bent out of shape, and causing unnecessary stress on ourselves really isn’t worth it. Take what you have to work with, and put a positive spin on it. See the bright side. Glass half-full. Whatever you wanna call it.


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I love this quote because it’s so full of truth. When less than ideal situations present themselves, we have the ultimate power to control the way we react. Negativity and Positivity use up the same amount of energy–the difference is that one will drain you and one will fill you up. So let’s work together and choose to fill our souls and take the life-learning experiences as they come, instead of rejecting them altogether. After all, how do we expect to grow if we never get new insights or the chance to see new things. (good, bad, and ugly!) Tis life. Buckle up, it’s quite the rollercoaster, my friend. Hold on tight, scream on the way down if you must, but don’t forget to have fun. You’ll be happy you did.

Until next time,

Stay optimistic, darling!


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