Inhale the FUTURE, Exhale the PAST

Letting go is hard for me. Sometimes I find myself so caught up in the past, I forget to live in the moment. Forcing myself to remember all of the good old times and not actually realizing just how good I have it now too. For example, the year I turned 16 was one of the best summers of my life. Fast forward to my Senior trip in Florida, unforgettable. Moving all the way to North Carolina with my best friend, (insane) but SO INCREDIBLE. Or when I turned 20 and launched my very own online clothing store!?  All the times I was living my best and happiest life, gone away as nothing but photos and a memory to hold onto.

Why is that so hard? It’s not like those moments are GONE forever…we have not been robbed of our joy or our experiences. Yet we cling to them like a security blanket, afraid of what would happen if we simply move on and leave the past in the past where it belongs. Bittersweet, yet such a vital part of growth. 

Like the recognizable quote so perfectly states: “YOU CAN’T START THE NEXT CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE IF YOU KEEP RE-READING THE LAST ONE.” (who doesn’t love a good analogy, am I right?)

While I can personally attest to the fact that this is far easier said than done, I will not stop believing it to be true. We need to focus on the fact that the past is a great place for “reference”, but NOT a place for “residence”. When we put the parking brake on and set up camp in what USED TO BE, how can we possibly move forward with what really COULD BE? I know I’m a broken record when it comes to life being short, but my constant preaching won’t change the certainty. Facts are facts, baby.

This can feel the same as when we hold onto negativity from our history as well. We’re ultimately exhausting ourselves and hindering our growth by keeping all that weight on our shoulders. Instead, I want to encourage you to try and focus your energy on bettering your future (and your present). Make peace within yourself, appreciate the lessons you’ve learned, and then take a step forward…not backward. Your future needs you, the past doesn’t.

Until next time, 

Stay moving forward, darling!


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