Comparison is the Thief of JOY

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by the little troll we call COMPARISON? Yes. I see you…in the back? Don’t be ashamed. I’m right there with you.

I could rant on this topic for dayyysss if you let me, but I promise, I’ll get down from my soapbox in a minute. Like I’m sure many of you can relate, those toxic thoughts have tormented my mind countless times. Shutting me down and whispering lies into my ear like that little devil on your shoulder. Causing discontent and pain in our life. Making you want to toss salt and flick him away. (please tell me you’ve seen The Emperor’s New Groove and you’re also picturing a small devil Kronk…no? Just me..?)

For example, one quick search on Pinterest will reveal just how many others are in the same boat as you. Feeling helpless and unmotivated simply because of that false voice in the back of your mind, convincing you that you won’t ever be enough. I at least feel comfort in knowing that I’m not on this journey alone. Leaning on each other and speaking truths when we need it. Sometimes it really does take an outside voice cheering you on and reminding you just how important you are. And that your accomplishments, no matter how big or small, are always making a difference.

When all is said and done, the only person we need to compare ourselves with, is the person we were yesterday. No one else. Our stories are not theirs. Our journey is not theirs. When all we do is judge our victories and accomplishments with someone else’s, we ultimately rob ourselves of happiness and pride altogether. Making us feel hopeless and less-than the rest. (Which couldn’t be further from the truth!)

One of the biggest struggles I see all the time is the fact that just because someone else is succeeding BEFORE YOU, does not mean they’re succeeding INSTEAD OF YOU. Trust me, bro, there is enough success to go around! We should be too busy watering our own grass to even notice that someone else’s is greener. Fact of the matter is that there will always be someone “doing more, making more, spending more, showing more” but that will never take away from our own victories. Celebrate in the good times, and persevere in the hard times. 

So be who you are. Go at your own pace. And be proud of everything it’s taken to get here. Because like Dr. Seuss says: “TODAY YOU ARE YOU, THAT IS TRUER THAN TRUE. THERE IS NO ONE ALIVE THAT IS YOUER THAN YOU.”

Until next time,

Stay encouraged, darling!


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