GIVING. The greatest act of GRACE. (feat. Grace Case Youth)

“Be the reason that someone believes in the goodness of people.” Too often these days, we get all-consumed by our trivial situations and tend to lose sight of major dilemmas happening right in front of us. This is in no way a comparison game of “who’s problem is more important than the other’s”. This is simply an act of opening our hearts to those around us, and learning not to take what we have for granted. As I preach on the daily, PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING. So for now, let’s take a few steps in another person’s shoes and humble ourselves because of it.

It’s December now, which means it’s officially time for the holidays! Have your halls been decked? Your bells been jingled? If not…I’ll wait… *you ready now?* Okay good. Let’s proceed! Christmas is almost here and I could not be more excited! This time of year is my very very favorite for so many reasons, but top of the list would have to be the abundance of GIVING that presents itself. I’ve never been a real good touchy-feely kinda person, so I’ve found that showing I care, in the form of giving comes a lot more naturally. And what better time than now!?

You know, if you go way way way back in time (we’re talking the year 270+ AD) there was this man named Nicholas. You might’ve heard of him? He later went on to become a patron saint, and was widely recognized for his selflessness, as well as secret acts of giving, to those who needed it most. THAT is the spirit that I want to keep alive! Mother Teresa said it best, “It’s not how much we GIVE, but how much LOVE we put into the giving.”

Which is the perfect segue into this very incredible local project that I want to share with you! Colby Hall has created something called “GRACE CASE YOUTH”. Him and his boyfriend are some of the most lovely people, putting their time and pure passion into warming the hearts of others! If you haven’t yet heard about it, here’s what their Facebook page says! “We’re a non profit organization focused on helping children live comfortably through their time in foster care. The idea is that we take a suitcase and fill it up with things you personally would have liked to have had as a child. Things you find give you purpose. Things that you feel will give them inspiration and let them know that they don’t need hope because we’re here…Within this suitcase we want to give you the platform to do something special. This description will change as we grow! Please DM for more info on how you can get involved.”

I heard about this through a mutual friend and was instantly moved! How special is it that we have people right here in our area that are making such a huge difference! I’ve watched through their social media as they’ve grown and spread the word more and more, which is what sparked my idea to contact Colby myself. After a few DMs about my blog and my adoration for their movement, I got the go-ahead to let you all in! If you’ve been on the lookout for somewhere to donate to, or a cause that feels like it’s truly changing lives…look no further! He was also gracious enough to give me a list of the basic things they collect to put in these “GRACE CASES”, which I’ll link below. Please please take a moment if you, or anyone you know, can offer these items and wants to show some extra kindness to those who’d appreciate it more than we even know. I’ll link the Instagram and Facebook both here so you can get in direct contact with Colby if you have any further questions!

I am so proud of these guys and can not wait to see where this goes. They’ve got one hell of an endeavor going, and it’s not unnoticed, that’s for sure! So join me in spreading the love this Christmas. Because it’s not just about making a donation, but making a difference that truly matters.

Until next time, 

Stay generous, darling!


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