2020 Word of the Year

Ohhh Myyy Goddd (said like Janice from FRIENDS)…it’s 2020! Not only are we beginning a brand new year, but an entirely new DECADE! Man oh man have times changed since good ole 2010. But that, my friend, is a story for another time. Today, I want to share with you something that’s been on my mind for a couple weeks. Something I always look forward to, and a topic we all seem to be talking about right now! Let’s talk “WORD OF THE YEAR”.

Have you ever done a word of the year; where you begin in January, choosing a specific word/phrase to help set your intentions for the new fresh start? I know sometimes people get controversial about trivial things like this, but it truly is what you make it. If you’re using the idea of resolutions as a punishment, and a way to self-sabotage, I do not support that one bit! My mindset going into these brand new 365 days is to self-improve. To help teach myself and work on my personal growth. THAT should be your goal!  Hurting or setting ourselves up for failure is never the answer. But being aware of our weaknesses, and seeking to fix them is what matters.

I’ve done this for the last several years, and have truly felt a difference in my heart and the way I assess life around me. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but we have to start somewhere! In 2017, I chose “LET GO”–really needing to stop trying to control things that I simply couldn’t. 2018 was about “ACCEPTING”, and 2019 was about “LIVING”. I feel proud of what I learned in those times of my life, and after a bit of contemplating, I finally feel confident about my choice for 2020… EFFORT!

This year is going to be all about EFFORT. I chose this word for many different reasons, but mainly because I know it’s something I struggle with. At first, I picked “CARING”, and after talking to one of my best friends, she showed me that I was close, but it wasn’t quite the right fit (we all need someone that will be brutally honest with us, simply because they have our best interests at heart). Maybe it wasn’t care that I was lacking, but effort to care that made more sense.

I know that I can tend to be a selfish person at times…caring about how things affect ME and not always having others in mind. If it doesn’t align with my interests, or lifestyle, I’m guilty of writing it off and just moving on. Which I am very very tired of doing, not gonna lie. I hate feeling like that! No one deserves to be treated that way. They just don’t. Which is why I’m ready to put my ego to the side, and start focusing on other people AND myself. They go hand-in-hand. Not one OR the other.

Dwayne Johnson said, “Success at anything will always come down to this: FOCUS & EFFORT. And we control both.” I don’t know about you, but that really hits home. We do control it. We have the power behind how much we do and care, no matter what the topic. Which is why I want to take back control over my actions! We should never decrease the goals, but instead, increase the effort.

Here are the main things I really want to focus on (in no particular order). Because I feel like if I at least tell you, then it will help manifest my plans into a reality. Haha

  • EFFORT in my relationship
  • EFFORT with my family and friends
  • EFFORT respecting other people’s views
  • EFFORT towards my health & body
  • EFFORT in my career

All of these mean so much to me, as a whole, not just on their own. I know that I can do so much more in these avenues, and I just want to give it my all. No more half-assing my way through life and making bullshit excuses. If we give ½ the effort, we will get ½ the results! Who wants that? I just want to be a better friend, sister, girlfriend, daughter, and business-woman. I want to prioritize these things because I know how important they truly are. I’m taking accountability for the positives and negatives I’ve done, and am determined to do better because I deserve it; and more importantly because those around me deserve it. 

Don’t talk, act.

Don’t say, show.

Don’t promise, prove.

Until next time, 

Stay moving forward, darling! And share with me, YOUR word for 2020! This isn’t a one and done activity, it’s a process and this is just the beginning of an even better life ahead.


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