Body Image & Self-Love (part 2)

“Another person’s beauty is not the absence of our own.” I felt like this was a good quote to start with because today, that’s what we’re focusing on. Comparison is a nasty game to get into…no one plays fair, there’s lies, flags and fouls on the field…and the ref has to blow their whistle a few too many times. Now, I’m no sports fan, but I can promise you–that’s NOT something I want to get roped into! When we choose to compare, the one that takes the fall becomes ourselves. Teaching our minds that we are not good enough, and that someone else is “better.” Let’s face it; LIFE IS SHORT! I think we were all reminded of that earlier this week with the sudden loss of a very influential life. We never know when it’s going to be our last moment, so let’s not forget to be kind to ourselves along the way.

In my first post of this series, we focused a lot on our physical bodies and the regular struggles we face. Whether that’s from society or otherwise, it’s a hard battle to fight, and I know that we’re simply better together! We don’t have to fall into the stigmas that the world gives us. If we stand with each other, and NORMALIZE our differences as opposed to CRITICIZING them, we will be so much stronger! For example, my lovely friend, Paige is one of the most inspiring advocates of this very thing! Her original artwork shows that through and through, and she’s such a light in the community. I’d love for you to go follow her on Instagram, and experience her positivity with me! (full credit to Paige Payne for this incredible piece/and photography credit to Trinity Laws for bringing my vision to life)

“More Than You See” by Paige Payne

As important as it is to take care of our physical selves, I feel that it is JUST AS IMPORTANT to take care of our internal selves as well. We should never sacrifice our mental state just for the sake of a “perfect body” or a “different pants size”. When we truly accept who we are and apologize to our minds, it is then that we can begin healing from the inside out. It’s about making ourselves a PRIORITY! Because we deserve it. I deserve it. You deserve it. 

Our imperfections are what make us beautiful and unique! Something that I personally like to practice, are self-love affirmations. Does it sound kinda silly? Probablyyy… But hey, no shame in the game, honey. The way we love ourselves, teaches others how to love us. Everyone starts somewhere! **In my next post, I’ll go more in depth about the importance of affirmations, and simple ways we can tend to our minds and hearts. 🙂

Each time I sit down to write a new post, I always get my notebook out and pull up an array of different tabs on my laptop. Constantly switching back and forth between pages and gathering information for my topic. (I want my little corner of the internet to be truly helpful and provide you with quality insight to help with whatever may be on your heart!) In doing my research this time around, I came across something that honestly really upsets me… Pinterest is one of my very favorite places to go to for ideas (come see what I’m up to!) and boy was I taken by surprise. I went up to the search bar, typed in the word BODY, and expected certain results. Well I was wrong… The following words came up as suggestions: BODY GOALS, BODY ART, BODY PIERCINGS, BODY TATTOOS, BODY DRAWINGS…and at the very very bottom…the words BODY POSITIVITY. Talk about a punch in the gut.

In that moment, I realized that we are the problem. We are the ones giving fuel to this dangerous fire. It all begins with us… The very simple act of being positive towards our bodies is the LAST THOUGHT on our minds. Continuously putting so many other things first, and setting our priorities elsewhere. Let’s use this example as even more motivation than before to inspire and encourage one another! Starting within our personal boundaries, and showing those around us that it’s possible. Stop HATING yourself for everything that you AREN’T, and start LOVING yourself for everything that you ARE! Just promise me you’ll try…

Until next time.

Stay positive, darling!


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