Family Bond

There’s a small white pillow on my grandma’s couch; it has red stitching that says, “OUR FAMILY IS A CIRCLE OF STRENGTH AND LOVE. WITH EVERY BIRTH AND UNION, THE FAMILY GROWS. EVERY OBSTACLE FACED TOGETHER MAKES THE CIRCLE STRONGER. EVERY JOY SHARED MAKES MORE LOVE.” This pillow has been here for a while, but I’ve only recently taken notice of it. Since moving back home from North Carolina, I’ve lived with my grandma, and we’ve become pretty great friends let me tell ya. Not only do we share a birthday, but we also share a love for Panera salads and The Bachelor! So when she got admitted to the hospital about a week and a half ago, the house has been pretty lonely. Although it’s been less than ideal, I’m so glad she’s being well taken care of!

Isn’t it wild how we don’t truly understand something until it happens to us? After seeing both of my grandmothers get diagnosed with different forms of cancer, it just really hits differently now. It makes you more aware, more thankful, more present… Perspective just changes everything doesn’t it!? Of course you can empathize and care for others through their hardships, but until it’s the center stage of your own life, you just can’t fully wrap your mind around it all. 

Through the toughest times, that’s also when we get to see the true colors of those around us. You start noticing who sticks around, who still reaches out, who puts in the effort. The amount of love and support that people have shown our family this week is simply overwhelming! We’ve had to stick together stronger than ever to keep our spirits up and stay hopeful for each other. Not to mention the countless messages and kind words sent our way, on top of flowers being delivered to the house, visits to the hospital, and the infinite prayers! Our hearts are so full knowing how many people have bonded together when things got difficult. 

Family sticks together. Family loves. Family cares. Family encourages. Whether it’s the DNA you were born into, or the special people that you’ve chosen to keep close, they are who we can count on. They’re here to build you up when you’re weak, and to high five you when you get to the top! It’s not all easy peasy lemon squeezy, but it makes it a little more doable with a strong team on your side. And I’m more than willing to be part of yours if you ever need someone…

I just want to say how appreciative we are to every soul that has shown patience towards us through everything. We can not thank you enough! Our minds have been racing a million miles per hour, but we are remaining positive! Mom has been practicing affirmations with Grandma every day too, and she is determined to get her mindset back on track. That woman is a powerhouse and is scheduled to be sent home this afternoon! We could not be more ecstatic! 

An oldy but a goody. Definitely how we all feel today! 🙂

Being raised around such tough people has taught me a lot about how to live life to the fullest. Sure we have setbacks, and things don’t always follow our pre-written scripts like we think they should… But just remember that even on the darkest of nights, the sun still manages to rise again. We may FALL, we may BREAK, we may FAIL. Yet we can still have the power to RISE, HEAL, and OVERCOME in the end. We are practicing the art of accepting what trials are brought to us, and using them for good. I hope you’ll join us. This is just a chapter in your novel, not the whole story.

Until next time,

Stay strong, hug the ones you love, and don’t give up hope, darling!


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