Let’s Stay Connected

I’m scared, y’all… I’ll be honest, the thought of losing you freaks me out! Let me explain:

Last week, Instagram had a bit of a hiccup in it’s system. I’m not totally sure why or what happened, but I noticed lots of accounts being affected. We were randomly losing highlights on our profile, and stories were being deleted! It was driving me crazy and just sort of an annoying “first world” problem. Then I realized…my eggs are ALL in one basket! If (god forbid) Instagram/Facebook were to shut down tomorrow, I’d lose YOU! How would I be able to talk to my friends anymore?? How would I keep those relationships I’ve built with my favorite people on these platforms?? How could we share our creations and encouragement?? NO THANK YOU!

So here is my solution. ***I’m finallyyyyy creating an email list!*** It’s been on my to-do list for far too long, and I am ready to take the leap! This way we can stay in touch, and never miss out on new announcements/life updates! I’m so excited! I promise to never spam you or send out annoying emails that waste your time. Scout’s honor. 🙂

Basically just making sure we don’t miss anything, and can keep the fun going over here too! Happy news, life hacks, special deals, and inspiration! What do we have to lose!? If you like what you see on my social media, you’ll wanna join in. Just comment/message/send me your email address and you’ll officially be a part of the virtual family! Can not wait to get this up and running. It’s gonna be a blast!

And remember: “IN A WORLD OF ALGORITHMS, HASHTAGS, AND FOLLOWERS, NEVER FORGET THE TRUE IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN CONNECTION.” I adore you so much, thanks for sticking around on this journey! I’m glad we can do life together.

Until next time,

Stay connected, darling!


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