Same Storm, Different Boat

I heard a quote the other day that really stood out to me. It said: “WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME STORM, BUT NOT IN THE SAME BOAT.” Damn isn’t that true!? Especially in the midst of the chaos these days. The rain is relentlessly pouring down on us all, yet we have no idea the severity for each individual. Someone may have had years of practice, others may have a hole in the bottom of their boat…a broken sail…! Who knows? In my opinion, it is not right for a man on a big fancy cruise ship to criticize the man on a paddle boat. They are not even comparable! (and let us not forget that the Titanic sank while the lifeboats stayed afloat…)

Each one of us are facing personal struggles that no one is even aware of half the time. Silently dealing with our problems and taking it on one day at a time. Don’t forget that we will never fully relate to another person’s story, so don’t try to critique it.

My issues are NOT yours, just like your issues are NOT mine. You’re allowed to do things differently and to handle things in your own way. It’s your right. Don’t let anyone take that away from you or convince you otherwise! This is a trying time for us all, and will continue to test us in ways we never even thought of. We are so much stronger when we deal with what is in our control and encourage one another instead of reprimanding.

Usually, life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors. Don’t sit here bitching about how wrong someone else is handling things or how they can be doing better. “The only person you should be comparing yourself to, is the person you were yesterday!” (I heard that one from Cassey Ho aka Blogilates on YouTube) 

All I ask is that you not be a Karen… Don’t perch on your high horse and snub your nose at the way others are living. While we can’t direct the wind, we can adjust our sails! So stay in your lane…deal with your waves as they crash around you…and remember that a smooth sea never made a successful sailor! (okay I am officially done with ocean references)

Until next time, 

Stay above water, darling!

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