Are you one of those “Ugh…it’s Monday…” or “Yay! Monday = fresh start!” kinda people? Don’t panic, there’s no wrong answer!

It’s so funny how differently we can view even the simplest of things. While it may be hard to hear that alarm, pull those covers off, and get out of that cozy warm bed (that somehow feels like the clouds of heaven all of a sudden)–Mondays are so refreshing to me! Something about that new week, new plans, new day feeling that just gets me going!

With that being said, I promise I am not dancing around my bedroom, singing princess songs while woodland creatures brush my hair… Happy medium, guys, happy medium.

My friend, Hannah, on Instagram just made a post yesterday all about MONDAYS and shared ways that she likes to flip her mindset to make them more enjoyable. Highly recommend checking that out for yourself! Incorporating small ways that make your days brighter are KEY to a happier week all around. Try some of these out & notice how your mood shifts!

  • MAKE YOUR BED! Such an easy task that most of us probably skip, but it can make you feel productive and accomplished right away. (I also wash my sheets every Monday, so it’s something fresh to look forward to!)
  • FOCUS ON YOUR OPPORTUNITIES! I thrive on “being busy” so taking a look at my to-do list and getting prepped for the day ahead makes me really excited.
  • GET MOVING! Whether it’s a walk through your neighborhood, a yoga practice, or quick workout video on YouTube–getting your blood pumping makes you feel strong and ready to take on the day! (Remember: Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!) *name that movie*

If Mondays aren’t your thing, or maybe it’s just been a rough start, don’t call it a loss! Hell, Tuesdays are great too! As long as you’re striving to be better for yourself, that’s all that matters. “TODAY IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD THE TOMORROW YOU WANT.” 

Until next time, 

Stay accomplished!

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