2021 Word of the Year

Where do I begin with 2020… Who am I kidding!? NOBODY wants to relive that shitshow. We are going to skip right over the chaos and leave that one to the history books. Today is all about NEW BEGINNINGS, FRESH STARTS and CLEAN SLATES! Something I think everyone could use more of right now, am I right? I won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s welcome 2021 with open arms and hopeful hearts!

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the annual tradition of setting goals and assigning resolutions. It’s a fun way to hold ourselves accountable for the next 365 days and feel motivated to conquer our weak points! With that, I also know it’s a regular occurrence of creating a vision board and having big dreams, but only sticking to it for a solid 2 weeks and then throwing in the towel. “There’s always next year!” Have you said those words before? You’re NOT alone! We do that because it’s FUN to have hopes and wants–but a dream without a plan is just a wish. It won’t happen unless you actually put in the work!

Not gonna lie, this time around I’ve been struggling with finding that perfect WORD to set my intentions for the year ahead. 2017 was “LET GO”, 2018 was “ACCEPT”, 2019 was “LIVE”, and 2020 was “EFFORT”! All strong words that truly helped shape my personal growth and awareness. But last year was rough…it really shook us up and tested us in ways we didn’t know was possible. Yet we made it through! We stood strong and weathered the storm day and night, making it out with new perspectives and stronger mindsets than before. Something to be very proud of! Not every day do people get to experience such pivotal moments in time. Crucial events that are history in the making; stories we will pass down for generations…quite mind blowing if you really think about it!

With now realizing just how unpredictable life can be, it almost feels wrong to limit an ENTIRE YEAR to only ONE WORD. (You know me and my commitment issues!) The thought of nailing down 8,760 hours into a few small letters is tough for me. So many what-ifs and could-bes rushing through my head! So I’m not. This time, 2021 is getting 2 words. We get to make the rules, so why not?

I scoured the internet looking for inspiration and hoping words would just jump out and speak to me. Alas, that did not happen… I found a long list of potential words to choose from, hoping it would narrow them down. Yet 2 of them just kept repeating in my mind, over and over. I’d read more options and still revert back to those 2. ACHIEVE and APPRECIATE. Strong, meaningful, simple, and to the point. I prefer ones that aren’t try-hard and don’t need excessive explaining. They felt right. 

ACHIEVE is something that I want to strive for in my “exterior” side of life–which includes things like my job, my blog, my brand, and my health. Being an enneagram 7, I constantly want more more more! Always looking for the next best thing, starting ideas and never finishing them, giving it my all for a hot minute and then burning out and getting bored. Can you relate to that feeling? I’ve decided to actually focus on accomplishing the things I want and hope for–instead of all talk, no action! Small goals, daily goals, breaking things down into bite size tasks and ACHIEVING them! Which will in turn, make it easier to do and not get overwhelmed.

APPRECIATE is something that I really need to work on in my “interior” side of life–including my mindfulness and personal relationships. Whether that looks like consciously not taking the little things for granted, rekindling good friendships and reaching out to new ones, or simply showing my gratefulness more openly. It’s an area I struggle with. I feel things so deeply, but I don’t show it as much as I could. Working on being more in touch with my inner appreciation and expressing it outwardly as well. Never failing to savor each moment as it happens.

So that’s that! My intentions for 2021. Things that will take valiant effort and focus, but things I am dedicated to and bettering myself because of. I hope you’ll join me, one step at a time, celebrating little victories along the way that result in big success at the end! Take some time, think on it, listen to your heart and mind…choose a word(s)! Then send it to me! I want to know what your year looks like! Let’s work together and hold one another accountable. Not as punishment for what we haven’t yet done, but as motivation for what we can actually do!

Until next time,

Stay moving forward, darling!


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