Prioritizing ME

We’re gonna start off today with a little exercise! (not the burpee kind, don’t worry) I want you to make a mental list… Note 5 things that you LOVE most in this world–GO! Can be anything or anyone you want. Now, tell me if YOU are on that list? Amongst the “sunny weather, coffee with friends, favorite movie” was there room for little ole you anywhere? If not, go back. Reassess the list and prioritize yourself please! People learn by example; so if you’re not showing them how to best love and care for you, how will they achieve such a task? 

Self-care is such a hot topic these days, especially during quarantine and a global pandemic! Now more than ever we should be treating ourselves with respect and patience, right!? It looks a little different for all of us too, so let me show you some examples. I recently did a poll on my social media asking what ways you enjoy taking care of your mind/body, here are the results: -exercise -hot bath -getting outdoors -napping -journaling -essential oils -music -alone time -drives. So many various ways we can take a breather from reality and focus on US for a change! I love it! Self-care doesn’t always have to be hair masques, ice cream, and Netflix…it simply needs to be YOU choosing to do things that make your heart happy and getting closer to the best version of yourself. Grounding your mind and body and feeling at peace for even a minute or two.

My mom, boyfriend, and grandmothers are shining examples of what it looks like to be selfless. They’re always putting others first and constantly striving to help and assist someone who needs it. Honestly, I admire their hearts so so much and can only hope to one day have that kind of spirit! But there comes a time when saying NO can also be the best form of self-care. If it gets to the point where you’re taking out more than you’re putting in, you’ll start to get tired. You’ll get resentful and exhausted from giving your all and getting nothing in return. It should be about giving the world the BEST of you, not what’s LEFT of you! Repeat that over and over if you need to. A gentle reminder that an empty lantern provides no light… Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine so brightly!

Whether you take a minute to yourself in the shower, you enjoy that cup of coffee while the family is still asleep, or you listen to a podcast on your walk, ENJOY THOSE MOMENTS! Enjoy them for you, and you alone. And above all, be such a beautiful soul that people around you crave your vibes. Loving and caring for yourself is addictive in the best way possible! Check on your friends and check on YOU too. So here I am, as your friend, I want to know… How are you feeling right now? Is there anything you loved about the day? Anything you hated? Do you have something on your mind? Anything to get off your chest? I’m all ears and I want to be by your side, cheering you on in life! Reach out if you want to, and let’s work on ourselves together! It’s not indulgent…it’s respect. For YOU. Because YOU matter too.

Until next time,

Stay caring, darling!


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