Discipline Your Disappointments

I’m sure you can relate to the well-known feeling of disappointment, lack of motivation, and fleeting inspiration… Not great is it? That’s why learning to control the way we react is so important! I had a zoom call this week with my MONAT girls, and we were discussing the topic of discipline–especially when we’re discouraged. Truth is, you won’t be on top of your game every single day. There will always be struggles and failures but that’s what makes us better! We ultimately learn and grow when we try new things. 

It’s okay to be let down at times, but don’t let yourself get stuck in those feelings of defeat.

Negativity will come and go, but if you stay accountable to yourself, it’ll just keep getting easier and the speed bumps will eventually seem like merely a crack in the sidewalk. No one else will keep those promises you made to yourself. It’s all up to you! Each day we have choices, and each choice is made of actions, and actions always have consequences. So ask yourself; Am I creating positive consequences? Am I doing everything I possibly can to succeed? Am I pushing myself to work smarter not harder? THAT is what I mean by disciplining your disappointments. Keep your eye on the prize when things knock you down, and use that to your advantage!

Master Chef Junior is our guilty pleasure show at the moment, and we were watching an episode the other night. A difficult ingredient was given to a young boy because he was a really strong competitor, and when asked how it made him feel, he simply said: “PRESSURE IS A PRIVILEGE”. I shit you not, I wrote that quote down so fast! So wise and profound! If tough things are presented to you, it’s probably because you are strong enough to handle them! Take it as a compliment. 

As they say…a diamond forms under pressure. I know it feels hard now, but in the end, you’ll be so proud that you pushed through and never gave up!

Remember: it’s not about how intensely you do something for a short amount of time; but how consistently you do something for a long amount of time. Show up. Put in the work. Crush those doubts. These challenges won’t last forever but you were given them for a reason. So own it! You were made for this!

Until next time,

Stay disciplined, darling!


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