2022 is YOUR year

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change! Let’s be honest, the scariest place to find yourself today is exactly where you were last year (figuratively speaking)... So if you’ve been feeling unhappy & unfulfilled lately, you’re going to have to make moves, darling. The clock will NOT strike midnight and suddenly you’re made anew!

Letting life pass you by while you sit around waiting for a miracle is no longer an option. No matter what rough patch you’re going through right now; mentally/physically/emotionally–remember that it’s temporary. You HAVE to stop being so damn hard on yourself and playing the constant blame game. This year has challenged you in ways you never knew possible! But because of that right there, it’s given you an entirely new path to follow.

Now, you can choose to approach this new path with anger and resentment…OR…you can step into it as an opportunity! Opportunity to grow with the changes, not against them. Please don’t waste this precious beginning on hurt feelings & malice in your heart. Wake up with a grateful mind knowing that you GET to decide your fate! You GET to make choices and have a say in your future! No one can take that power away from you.

Go ahead and thank this year for all of it’s lessons, losses, accomplishments, and blessings… Then let go! Make this a comeback year like never before! You are stronger than ever, and you were made for this. You were assigned this mountain to be moved, and to show others just how possible it is!

2022 is YOUR YEAR! Skip the “new year, new me” bullshit. New year, same you; but this time a badass, capable, and improved version! Like my dad says, it’s another day upright and above ground: now what are you gonna do with it!?

Until next time,

Stay pushing forward, darling!


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