Trust Your Timing

Far too often do I see us comparing our lives to those around. “Oh look at so-and-so who just got engaged! Another pregnancy announcement from someone I went to school with! Guess who just bought a house!?” It can start to feel all consuming, right? Making us wonder what we’re doing wrong. What memo we must’ve missed. Why are we so far behind…

Sometimes we’d rather have a friendly reminder that we are doing JUST F*CKING FINE! Trusting the timing of OUR life instead of measuring it against theirs. I do not want to see you miss out on your life because you’re too busy scrolling through someone else’s!

Truth is, there’s no RIGHT or WRONG way of doing things. Even siblings who grow up with the same parents/same upbringing will still do life differently! Follow your desires and create the story that YOU look forward to; stop re-reading and critiquing theirs.

If you’re still struggling to wrap your head around it, tell yourself this: “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that really isn’t you, so that you can become who you were really meant to be in the first place.”

Stop wishing your days away and embrace the moments you have right now! Time to quit worrying about the unrealistic expectations of others and time to cherish your version. It’s perfect just the way it is–and so are you! Period.

Until next time,

Stay focused, darling!


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