Glowing Up

Have you experienced your “glow up” yet!? No, I am not talking about the kind where you get 3” taller, the braces come off, and you change your hairstyle… I’m talking about the far more important kind that starts in your mind. Truth is, the real “glow up” isn’t physical. It happens when you finally stop settling, people pleasing, and compromising your boundaries! The real “glow up” is when you wholeheartedly recognize your worth.

If you’re constantly undervaluing what you do, the world will follow suit and undervalue who you are. Bitch please, we can NOT have that! You have to set aside the doubts that creep in, and learn to deeply love yourself. Make it very clear to those around you how you want to be treated, and settle for absolutely nothing less! The precedent starts with YOU and your actions.

Once you adjust your focus and see that you were never asking for too much, you were simply asking the wrong person, your mindset will shift for the better. We have to find contentment within our hearts to be okay with waiting alone until we are valued. Whether that be in our friendships, our love life, or even our jobs. It’s so damn important!

Please don’t EVER apologize for having high standards. People who really deserve to be in your life will rise up to meet them. You are worth the best of the best, no matter what that voice in your head might say. Believe in your capabilities and don’t stop until everyone knows it!

Until next time,

Stay working on YOU, darling!


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