Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity is my rule of thumb when it comes to most aspects of life; but more importantly, with FRIENDS! Is your circle well rounded? Motivating? Inspiring & supportive? If you answered no to any of those, you may be entitled to friendship compensation…

I know it sounds obvious, but having supportive people in your corner will make all the difference! Start paying close attention to how they react to your accomplishments & successes… Are they encouraging and proud of you!? Or snide and critical!? Don’t feel bad about being picky with who you let in, and always protect your heart.

Start consciously surrounding yourself with ones that truly care about you–not just by their words, but more so by their actions! Sadly, some people will only like you if you fit inside their quaint little box. So please don’t be afraid to shove that box right up their ass! You do not ever need to waste your time on those who are threatened by your achievements or goals.

It’s absolutely okay for you to be a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a constant cheerleader, and an unwavering support system! BUT it is NOT okay for you to think that you don’t deserve the same treatment in return. Friendships, like relationships, require not 50/50 effort but 100/100 from BOTH sides. Period.

I used to envy the groups of friends that stuck together from childhood on. I was so jealous of the strong bonds they had; and wondered why I didn’t get to have that type of companion to always rely on… But you know what? I realized that it’s not wrong for people to change, grow, and evolve. Sometimes friends come and go like mercury in retrograde. It doesn’t mean they weren’t REAL!

Frankly, I’d trade 50 half-assed acquaintances for 5 genuine comrades any day! Each new stage of life brings and releases new people, and that’s OKAY. So shout out to the pals who keep in touch, who acknowledge triumphs, yet stick around through trials. The ones that lift you up when no one else even knew you were down.

Until next time, keep them close, darling. They don’t come around often!


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