The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Spooky season is upon us! This is hands down my favorite time of year and I am so ready to enjoy all the autumnal festivities that come with it!


When the temperature starts to drop, that’s when you know the fun has begun. Bring out the PSLs, put those mums on the front porch, and throw on the comfy sweatshirts, baby!

Here’s a list of my must-dos to make the most of your fall adventures!

 What’s on your fall bucket list this year?

  • light a fall candle—my all-time favorite is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from BBW
  • bake a festive treat—pumpkin bread has my heart this time of year
  • decorate your home—Mitchell loves to hang up little bats, they’re a MUST in our house
  • read a spooky/cozy book—let me know your fave creepy authors, I need suggestions
  • watch a scary movie—The Conjuring movies are great, but nothing beats the classic horrors
  • get a seasonal coffee—head to your local coffee shop & grab something from their seasonal menu
  • do your nails with an autumnal color—deep wine colors or a good black are so fierce
  • have a bonfire—set up the firepit and invite your friends over for smores
  • go apple picking at a local orchard—nothing beats the crunch of a fresh apple and the nostalgic recipes to use them in later
  • hayride at a pumpkin patch—go back to the childhood joys of a loud ass tractor and itchy hay to make some of the best memories
  • wear your favorite flannel or sweater—anyone else guilty of rocking a hoodie in 90-degree temps
  • tell ghost stories or go on a haunted tour—sign me up for anything haunted at this point
  • make some delicious wassail—this is a family tradition that is so close to my heart
  • take a drive to see the color-changing leaves—take advantage of the view and enjoy the warm colors
  • carve or paint pumpkins—even if you don’t consider yourself artsy, have some fun with it

Go ahead and screenshot that photo and use it to plan your cozy days ahead. Be sure to tag me on social media if you check any off the list!

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